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My Gut Is A Sassy Bitch

I have so many serious things on my mind these days. I've totally been exploring and searching my soul; the world; people; their behavior; their lack of self-control; their over-control of meaningless things; their self-lies; my self-lies; what makes people tick; what makes me tick; why it has to rain so goddamn much on Tuesdays in the summer; why we can't have a three day work week; how a man with a comb-over even made it through the primaries; how to listen to my gut; and most importantly, how to not argue with my gut.

With so many things going through my head, it's been really hard to write. Sure, I sit down most nights and peck out three or four paragraphs on the keyboard, but then I sit back and say to myself—"You're not conveying what you're feeling. Go to bed." And so I do, and the next day, I repeat the process. Sometimes I re-read the previous evening's work and say, "Hmm, this isn't as bad as I thought." But, lately, I've …

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